• Will you make my partner/support person feel unnecessary?

No. As your birth doula, I support both you and your partner. I help him/her be as involved in the birth to the extent  he/she feels comfortable. By role~modeling, I demonstrate effective  techniques that your partner can do to keep you comfortable during each stage of labor. I reassure your partner about the normal progress of  labor and allow him/her the freedom to simply be with you and love you,  without any pressure to "coach" you or "fix" something.

  • Do you replace nursing staff?

No.  My support is non-medical. I do not perform any medical or clinical tasks (i.e. taking blood pressure or temperature, monitoring fetal heart rate). Unlike the nursing staff, I am there solely to comfort and support the birthing family, staying by their side from active labor until the birth of their baby.


  • Do you make decisions for the birthing family?

No.  I do not make decisions for you, speak to the medical staff on your  behalf, or intervene in your clinical care. My role is to help you obtain (and understand) the information necessary to make good decisions about your care, so that your birthing experience will be both memorable and empowering.

  • Does hiring you mean having to labor without pain medications?

No,  absolutely not! I am there to support your decisions every step of the way throughout your labor, whether you choose to labor with or without  pain medications. It is always your choice ~ your birth. My ultimate  goal is to make sure you will have good memories of your birth. If your  goal is to have a natural birth, I can be especially helpful in  providing suggestions for a variety of coping techniques and comfort  measures to help relax you and encourage labor progress. 

  • What if I choose to get an epidural?

Although  I may no longer be needed quite as much to help you cope with your physical discomfort/pain after you get an epidural, I can certainly help minimize many undesired side effects (Epidurals do not always eliminate  all sensations of pain). I continue to provide reassurance and emotional support to help you stay as calm and relaxed as possible.  I offer suggestions for favorable positions to help your labor progress. 

  • What is your role at a surgical birth?

If a surgical birth is anticipated, I can be a great source of  informational and especially emotional support. If permitted by your doctor, I can join your partner at your side during the surgical birth. I  can remain with you in  the operating room if your partner accompanies  your baby to the nursery after the birth so that you are not left alone in the OR. Once settled back in your room, I can help with initial breastfeeding and family bonding.


  • What will you do as a Postpartum Doula for my family?

My role is very fluid, and can change from day to day, as the needs of  your family changes. Some families need more educational support:  breastfeeding and/or bottle feeding, infant care and infant soothing  skills, how to care for the new mother etc.  Other families rely more on  my non-judgmental emotional support. Still others have more practical needs like laundry, meal prep, sibling support and running errands. Most families find that I provide all of these things depending on the day and the need.

  • What are the benefits of  your Postpartum Doula support during overnight hours?

During  the overnight hours I can help you get restorative sleep so that you  wake up more rested and refreshed to enjoy your baby. Many newborns initially have their nights and days mixed up which can be extremely  challenging for new parents. Newborns also need to be fed about every  2-3 hours around the clock in the first couple of weeks. If you are breastfeeding, I will wake you when your baby needs to nurse and provide  breastfeeding support as needed. As soon as you are done breastfeeding  you can go right back to sleep. I will then care for all your baby's  needs and comfort him/her back to sleep until you need to be wakened  again. If you are pumping your breast milk, you will just need to wake  during the night to pump as I will care for your baby and bottle feed  your breast milk. If you are bottle~feeding formula, you will be able to  get a very good night's sleep. For a mother experiencing postpartum  emotional challenges, restorative sleep during the more natural time day  (night time) is of utmost importance in helping her regain a  sense of  balance and normalcy. During the overnight hours I can also help with  baby laundry, light meal prep, cleaning dishes etc.

  • How long do you stay with a family as a Postpartum Doula?

My support can last anywhere from one or two visits to more than three months.

  • What is the difference between a Baby Nurse and a Postpartum Doula?

A Baby Nurse's role is specifically geared toward infant care. A  Postpartum Doula provides excellent infant care, but her primary focus is educating and supporting  parents in their new roles as well as providing breastfeeding support, emotional support, resources and referrals. 

  • How can you help a mother with a postpartum mood disorder?

Unlike therapists or psychiatrists, I do not diagnose or treat postpartum mood disorders. However, I can help a mother navigate this challenging  postpartum time by creating a safe place for her emotionally. I can  relieve some of the pressures on the new mother by helping her move into her new responsibilities gradually and at her own pace. By "mothering  the mother", I help make sure the mother feels nurtured and cared for,  eating well and getting as much rest/sleep as possible. 

  • Do you teach a particular parenting approach?

No.  I support the parenting approach that the family chooses. If desired, I can offer suggestions to improve the family's over-all well being, but I will always encourage parents to develop their own unique parenting philosophies.