~ with heartfelt thanks ~


I wish to express my sincere gratitude to all the women, partners, and families who have trusted me to support them on their journeys from pregnancy to parenthood. I have had the honor of witnessing their tears of joy and sorrow, their great accomplishments and their challenges in bringing a new human being into the world. Every birth and postpartum experience has deepened my admiration for the awe-inspiring power of maternal and paternal love, the strength of families, and the resilience of the human spirit.

I am forever grateful. Thank you.

kind words...


  • Jamie (Cameron's mommy)

If I could have Barbara with me every night until my baby boy turns a year old I would, that is how strongly I feel she has brought such a depth of insight, kindness, love and support into my post-partum world.  As a single Mom with a planned C-section I knew I would need some help at night with the baby when I came home from the hospital so I asked a number of friends if they could recommend a night-nurse and a few mentioned that I should look into a Doula (two of them recommended Barbara specifically).  Well if two trusted friends of mine (who didn't  know each other, by the way) both recommended Barbara, I knew I had to meet her.  Ever since, my life changed for the better.  As a new Mom everything was unknown once my son came into my world.  As the Global Director for a multi-million dollar company it is amazing how humbled you can be by a seven pound ball of love that needs you day and night.  I trusted Barbara implicitly to tend to his every need overnight so I would have the energy to do so during the days and as she arrived numerous nights to a VERY strung out Mommy during the witching hour stage, let me tell you, I would have signed over my home to her for her help when she walked through that door.  You can register for every swing, playmat and diaper genie under the sun, but hiring Barbara will be the BEST thing you could possibly register for or find a budget for personally.  Don't hire a service who will send you multiple Doulas, your little baby needs a constant rock of support offered by one of the most nurturing women in the world (as do you by the way when your hormones are all over the place) and that is what Barbara offers.  If and when baby number 2 arrives I can't wait to have Barbara back!    Thanks for being amazing, Barbara!  

  • Stephanie (Brandon's mommy):

"I really do believe I could not have given birth (in the way that I most  wanted) to my beautiful baby boy without Barbara there by my side. I wanted a natural  birth from the moment I became pregnant, and in doing some research I discovered that there is a lower percentage rate of  medical interventions of any kind with a doula than without one. Someone recommended Barbara to me on Facebook. Hiring her was one of the best  decisions I made during my pregnancy. She gave me support during my pregnancy, meeting with my husband and I a couple times and went over all kinds of helpful things, such as what to expect my body to do when in labor, different things I could do to get baby in optimal position  for birth, etc. She was always available when I texted or called her before the birth even happened. Then, the day I went into labor, she helped with knowing when to actually go to the birth center which was  helpful since I had a long labor. At the birth center, she helped with some positions to ease the pain that I would've  never known about if it weren't for her. She was a calming influence for me and my husband  throughout the ENTIRE labor (which was 26 1/2 hours). With that said,  she was also very discreet and knew when to give my husband and myself  some privacy, which we needed at different times for one reason or another. Just having someone who has experience with so many other  births to let you know that this is normal, or what this next part is  going to feel like, is truly invaluable. It helps to give you peace of  mind, and takes some pressure off you AND your husband who also has no idea what he's in for (if this is your first child like us)! Barbara is a  gem and I would hire her again in a second!"

  • Nicole (Ryan's mommy):

"Barbara  was truly a life saver. Initially I obtained her services just to help  with breastfeeding since I had difficulty nursing my first son. She was a  tremendous help in this area and because of her I successfully continue  to nurse my son and love it! However, things became difficult when my  son was a horrible sleeper and would have screaming fits day and night  and I had no idea what was wrong. On top of that my husband was in an  accident 7 weeks postpartum and was unable to help me with  the baby at  all. I was exhausted and at my wits end. Barbara provided much needed  support, encouragement, and kindness. I would look forward to seeing her  as her presence alone was calming and comforting. With her guidance and  input I eventually figured out that my son had reflux and a dairy  intolerance. It was a long exhausting road but she went above and beyond  in providing me support both in person and via phone/text. I would text  her when I couldn't figure out why my son was crying and screaming  hysterically and she would always have some helpful advice, or at the  very least comforting words of support. I truly don't know what I would  have done without Barbara during this very difficult time. She became a  fixture in our family and will always be fondly remembered. I would  highly recommend her to anyone and everyone!"

  •  Jennifer (Jack's mommy):

"Barbara  was the perfect doula for my second birth.  My first birth had been  traumatic and she was able to put my mind at ease and help me work  through my fears about giving birth this time.  She used her extensive knowledge to help get my baby in its optimal position for birthing and  supported me in all the decisions I made throughout my labor. Barbara  helped me to talk through my options with my doctor so that I could make  educated and informed decisions.  I would recommend Barbara's doula  services to any expecting family."


  • KH (Samson's mommy):

"My  family owes Barbara for our sanity; she has helped us get through a  tough, and beautiful, transitional period. She actually helped us enjoy  it rather than just barely getting through it. We are also eternally  grateful for the incredible sleep patterns she has helped establish for  our baby. We first met her when our second baby was about 5-6 weeks old.  He wasn't sleeping consistently (usually about 45 min intervals), he  "fought" the swaddle, and he was barely getting the hang of  breastfeeding. The nights were brutal, feeding every 2.5-3 hours after  an hour long feeding because he would fall doze off while nursing and  then have a hard time burping, often times spitting up as well. Barbara  came to us and really saved several aspects of our new life.  Immediately, we felt comfortable with her, particularly because she was a  good listener and asked good questions about how we wanted things to  go. She then worked with these preferences and helped us transition to a  family of four. I would say that the most important lesson we learned  from Barbara was how the baby wasn’t actually fighting the swaddle. I  was naively convinced that he was unhappy swaddled, because he looked  like he “fought it”, just as I incorrectly thought for my first born.  With her guidance, my 4.5 month old baby now falls asleep on his own  when placed in his crib with no pacifier, has transitioned out of a  swaddle, doesn’t need any rocking and doesn’t cry or fuss at all – and  has been doing this since he was 2.5 months old! She had a beautiful way  of letting him try to fall asleep on his own, watching carefully how he  settles himself with some fussy cries and grunts, while also not  letting him “Cry It Out.” She made suggestions based on her expertise  and experience while also keeping in mind my family needs and  preferences. WE LOVE Barbara and recommend her HIGHLY to everyone."

  • Ashley (Jake's mommy):

"We had our first baby on May 12, 2014 at Abington Hospital with the  assistance of Barb Heid as our doula and it was one of the best  decisions we made in our birthing experience.  She was very responsive  from the interview process, all along the pregnancy, and during "go  time!"  All of her children are grown and out of the house so she is  100% available and there for you when you go into labor...no arranging  for child care, she can just get up and go to you.  She also has this  calming, positive aura about her which I definitely needed because I  tend to constantly worry and let stress overcome me...not something you  want during birth.  They say that you are alone for about 54 minutes of  every hour throughout the birthing process (until the important part at  the end obviously).  I am so glad that Barb was there to help soothe me  through that "alone time," and explain exactly what was happening to me  and what I could expect next.  My husband is such a good support person,  but Barb has been a doula through many births, and has children of her  own, so she was able to explain things that my husband just couldn't.   She helped him be the best support person he could be.  Even our  delivery nurse said she was extremely impressed with Barb's doula skills  and said she truly provided a significant value to the birthing  experience!  And she was just very good at reading the mood and knowing  what you need before you need it.  I will absolutely be calling on Barb for any future births we're blessed to have!  I can't say enough good  things about her!"

  • Kathryn (Ava and Hunter's mommy):

"Making  the decision to have Barbara in our lives, helping us with our first  babies was the best decision we ever made. It was something that neither  of us had thought of doing, but was strongly recommended by my doctor  to get help at night with the twins. I found it strange to invite a  perfect stranger into your home with your most precious gifts. After  meeting Barbara it was clear that there are special people that are  gifted in this area. Our first conversation with Barbara sent a wave of  comfort and ease. She has this way of calming and comforting those  around her. My first night home from the hospital was rough. I was  exhausted, my husband was sick, I was still recovering from my c section  and I had two newborn babies. She walked in and I looked at her and  began to cry. She was everything I needed in that moment. Barbara  provided support, knowledge, comfort and reassurance in the time we  needed it the most. She was also just a phone call away if I ever needed  anything or had any questions. Barbara became part of our family and we  feel lucky to have had her love and support. I constantly refer her to  family and friends as any family would be lucky to have this wonderful  woman in their lives."

  • Rochelle (Ethan's mommy):

"Barbara  Heid was truly the best doula! I had an all natural birth with my third  child (I was a second time VBAC), and Barbara was incredible throughout  my 23.5 hour labor! I never ever met a more dedicated, soft spoken,  positive, caring, honest, knowledgeable, natural minded, wonderful  person!!!! Throughout my labor, Barbara stayed by my side, used  essential oils, hot water bottles, different positioning methods.  Barbara is a true testament of what every doula should be! After my  birth, Barbara stayed to make sure I was settled and that I was able to  go to the bathroom. When my labor began at 3:30 am, Barbara was up and  ready... Truly a dedicated doula! Having Barbara by my side helped me  tremendously with all of her encouragement and knowledge; I was able to  have my third baby all natural. Barbara helped me in so many ways and  never left my side. Her comforting methods and help is immeasurable and  unconditional. Barbara goes beyond the scope of just getting things done  and truly puts her heart into the work she does! I HIGHLY recommend  Barbara Heid to anyone who wants an incredible doula! Having been a VBAC  and having 3 kids, I have experienced many different people and truly,  having Barbara was the best thing and such an asset to my birth and  ensuring a natural and healthy delivery. Thank you to Barbara for being  the best doula ever!"

  • Alexis (Phoenix's mommy):

"My  journey with Barbara began about five weeks postpartum.  After several  weeks of no sleep and severe postpartum depression and anxiety (which  had yet to be diagnosed), I was desperate for help.  I interviewed  several candidates before Barbara and I met.  What really struck me  about her was her calming presence, nurturing and holistic approach to  care for mom and baby, and the depth and breath of her knowledge.   Barbara came into my life at a time when I was most vulnerable and  truly gave me the tools I needed to feel confident as a mother.  She is  extremely loving and supportive and anyone who has the privilege of  working with her should consider herself lucky." 

  • Sun  (Jackson's mommy):

"My  husband and I hired Barbara as our doula for the birth of our second  child. She came highly recommended from our Bradley instructor, and we  cannot express how grateful we are in having Barbara by our side during  labor and delivery. She was very attentive and she knew the exact  pressure points along my back and hip to relieve the pain I was  experiencing. Her voice was very calming as she reminded me of how to  breathe and push my baby out of me. Her reassurances and words of  encouragement gave me the confidence to see this natural birth through.  Moreover, she kept me well-hydrated and cooled down throughout the  entire process. Barbara exceeded all of our expectations and made this  natural birth smooth sailing! During our postpartum visit, she had also  recommended some holistic method to alleviate my hip pain, and I took  her advice and it worked! We are eternally grateful for Barbara and are  definitely recommending her services to all of our friends who are  looking for doula services!"

  • Beth (Porter's mommy):

"Barbara  assisted our home birth in February 2015. My husband and I knew  immediately upon meeting her that we wanted her to attend our birth.  Barbara is warm, knowledgeable, and comforting. She visited our home  twice before our birth and once afterwards. At our initial visit, we  discussed our birth plan and concerns. Barbara called periodically to  make sure I was feeling confident and healthy. She always followed up  after midwife appointments. And, at our first home visit with the  midwife, Barbara was there. I started having contractions on a Saturday  evening and called Barbara around 3am on Sunday morning. The prodromal  labor progressed very slowly over a 3 day period. During that time, she  helped move our son into a better position with rebozo sifting,  inversions, and some other stretches. She made sure I was staying  hydrated and that both my husband and I were eating and otherwise taking  care of ourselves. After a couple days having contractions, I began to  questions myself and many of the choices we made for our birth. Barbara  helped me stay level headed, encouraged me, and helped me manage the  discomfort. She brought tools like a essential oils and a peanut ball.  She kept us moving toward a birth that we wanted. Our son was born  healthy and happy. Barbara stayed until we were settled with our son.  Then, she returned the following day to offer breastfeeding support.  Since that day, she provides other postpartum support through phone and  email. We would never have another baby without her. My husband agrees,  hiring a doula is one of the best things you and your partner can do to  have a positive birth experience. We would absolutely recommend Barbara  to anyone regardless of what kind of birth they are planning. She is  nonjudgmental and seeks only to support your decisions toward the birth  you want."

  • Alison (Cleo's mommy):

 "Barbara  was wonderful! We don't have close family in the area so were quite daunted by the idea of childbirth and raising a newborn when neither of us had much experience with really tiny babies. My daughter is now 1 and we still talk about how grateful we were to have Barbara -- when my  water broke before any contractions started, Barbara came to my house and coached me through what I would need to do to avoid sitting in the hospital for hours and hours, and getting unnecessary interventions. I'm  convinced she helped us avoid a C-section. And afterwards, when the hard part begins, she came for weeks to help us figure out all the ins  and outs of soothing a baby. She even spoke with me at midnight on New Year’s Eve, when my baby was 3 days old, to help me figure out why she wouldn't settle (pacifier, duh). Just having her in our corner, to talk  through all the (sometimes conflicting) information you get in those early days, when it all feels so raw and important, was a huge comfort. Knowing she was a call away, or coming over sometime soon, made us feel so much more relaxed. I can't recommend her enough."